It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

Parshva Gala, Class 8, Shishuvan School, Mumbai

It was a dark and stormy night, the thunder clapping incessantly with an out-break of torrential rain. The inundation swept the pitch-black streets, gobbling up the entirety of hell. The gleaming rays cast by the moon illuminated the forbidden ground. The dense foliage swaying fiercely, uprooting and blocking the pathway. The shelters of huts flinging away into oblivion, its cacophonous clanks echoing the street.

The writhing yelps of voices beseeching for help to the passersby. A thick impenetrable milky white fog buried the town in sightless visibility. Panic-stricken beings grasping around for a sense of direction. Moments into this horrendous nightmare, the fog drifted away into an endless void, the Sun peeked out infiltrating radiance into the Earth, manifesting the ruined terrain.


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