It’s You – Only You!

Oshin Arora, Class 8, Sri Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

‘It was the day’, yes it was the day! It was the day when I felt gloomy and low-spirited towards my hobby and passion – Writing. When my 1st book was launched, I was in a worry. 100 questions were there in my mind will they sell, have I written well, etc. I was in a worry because of a three letter word – ‘Age’. A number, which I thought can control my whole life, because I let it to do so.

It was the day when I felt that I can’t write as it’s really Early for a 12 year child, of course. I am not the single one with this thought, but the whole society is there with this mob mentality. But I really didn’t want to follow this ‘follow up crowd’ trend and even I desired to dissolve it. I needed to cope up with the situation.

‘If I can write 1 book, why to loose hope, I’ll definitely follow up my passion’, said my heart and brain. I didn’t want to limit myself, my passion and my strength because of a number. No one is either late or early. I threw this mentality and started working more hard. And thus, I proved to myself that it’s the right time, as every time is the right time just make it!!

Making these 100 questions my strength, instead of my weakness, I wrote my book. These 100 questions assisted me what to write and how to write. Hence, make these ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ your strength. Also, I made a rule for myself, ‘it’s you who have to do’ and actually this rule motivated me up and helped me to write more and more!


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