Letter from the Editor: December 16, 2022

Recently, Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill, a restaurant in Singapore, was in the news for having imposed a S$10 surcharge for noisy or uncontrollable children.

This isn’t the first time that parents are being punished for their children’s behaviour. In 2014, a restaurant in northern Germany named Oma’s Küche, which means ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ banned children under the age of 14 at dinnertime. In 2017, a North Carolina restaurant banned children under five years of age because their screams and cries drove customers away. A number of hotels in Bali, Jamaica, Maldives, California, Hawaii, Germany and France do not allow children. In fact, even in India, Ananda and Vatsyayana in Uttarakhand, Tamara Coorg in Madikeri, Karnataka and Park Baga River Goa in Goa do not allow kids under a certain age.

Do you think this rule of ‘no screaming allowed’ and ‘no children allowed’ is against children? Or is it a way of asking parents to be better at handling their children’s behaviour? As children, do you take offence to this move? Send us your thoughts at [email protected] and you may be a part of our cover story.


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