Letter from the Editor: March 01, 2022

Last month, a plant-based meat company called GoodDot released three advertisements with Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra.

GoodDot’s subtly branded advertisements starring Neeraj Chopra had an important message—be good in everything you do and think about how what you are doing affects the environment and people around you. What’s more, Chopra, who was doing things most of us have done at some point of time–such as attempting to break a signal, littering and breaking a long winding queue at the airport–was being corrected by a goat, the mascot of the vegan company!

Now, here’s the story about the goat—he was saved from a slaughterhouse by one of the founders of the company and now lives in a palatial home in Udaipur. And the company’s name itself has been inspired by the goat’s name, Gooddo.

There are many lessons to be learned from this narrative:

  • There’s inspiration everywhere. You’ve got to believe in yourself and what you want to achieve.
  • Lead by example. The founder took that extra step to save an animal. It’s something many of us can do. How often do you see a hurt stray cat or dog and just walk past it? Try to help another living being and do the best you can.
  • Think before you do something; every small act makes a world of difference.
  • Rules are meant to be followed.
  • And one of the most important learnings—take that extra step to keep your surroundings clean! Aren’t you tired of seeing garbage strewn all across the roads?

To watch and be inspired by the advertisements, log on to: www.bit.ly/GoodDo 

Image Source: adgully.com


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