Letter to Pizza Company

Anay Desai, Class 6, A.M. Naik School, Powai, Mumbai

To: Mr. Pizza Chutney
Pizza Chutney Express, Pizza Chutney Street, USA

From: Anay Desai
Elenty Emerald Isle, Mumbai
31 March 2022

Very, very disrespected sir, I really hope this reaches you, because there are so many complaints to file, also because you are in USA.

My first complaint is: Pizza boxes. The Pizza boxes show a full 30-inch Pizza, but inside there is only a 5-inch pizza.

My second complaint: Pizzas. The pizzas are a huge problem. Once I ordered a ‘Plain chutney pizza’, but instead I got pizza bread with very little chutney on the side.

My third complaint: The cardboard. Every time I keep some pizza boxes, my entire kitchen platform is crowded with silverfish.

My fourth complaint: Delivery speed. Once I ordered food and the food did not arrive until the next month, and even that was rotten and terrible.

My fifth and final complaint: The Expresses. I had ordered a pizza express for 5M$, but instead I got a pizza in the pizza express box all made of diamonds. I could not even eat it. I tried ordering an Expresso station for 75M$, but instead I got a cheap coffee worth just 1M$. This is a big issue, and I request you to solve this problem, Mr. Pizza Chutney, and I would appreciate a full refund (275M$). Plus, if these problems are not solved, I will make a chutney of you.

No warm regards,
Anay Desai


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