Life is a Cycle

Siraj Bir Singh Gill, Class 5, Learning Paths School

Once upon a time in the United States of America, there was a poor kid who lived on the streets. He didn’t have any food, water, shelter, or money. He was dressed in holey clothes and wore dusty old shoes. One day, a billionaire’s son approached the poor boy and said, “Eww, look at those dusty shoes and ugly clothes you’re wearing!” Everyone around the poor boy began to laugh. The poor kid became upset and ran away, crying.
While crying, he ran into a wealthy man. “Watch it, kid; why are you crying?” said the wealthy man. “A wealthy son humiliated me for old shoes and ugly clothes,” said the poor boy. The wealthy man pity the boy. He was so moved by his plight that he gave him $200 to spend on new clothes, shoes, and food. The boy smiled and thanked the man. The boy went shopping and purchased some nice clothes and shoes. He then went to a nice restaurant to eat. He even fed other poor people.

The boy decided to look for work. He applied for jobs everywhere, but no one would hire him. He began to lose hope. Until he saw the wealthy man again, he told the wealthy man about his situation. “You can work at my mansion, you can clean the floor and the windows,” the wealthy man said. After some thought, the boy agreed. He started working there and did well. The wealthy man was overjoyed and decided to send him to school for a proper education.

He graduated from high school and then from college after six years. He rose to fame as a successful You Tuber who created funny, interesting, and adventurous videos. He rose to become one of the world’s richest YouTubers.

One day, he came across the rich boy who humiliated him 12 years ago. But the rich man was no wealthier because he was dressed in ripped clothes and had damaged shoes. Mr Racoon was a good man who remembered how a wealthy man once helped him become what he desired 12 years ago. So, he gave him $400 dollars. The poor boy was overjoyed and expressed regret for what he had done to him 12 years before.


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