March 24, 2023

Life in a Metro!

Raghav Dikhit, Class 1, JBCN, Mumbai

Dear readers, I still remember my first ride on the mumbai metro, an experience that I can never forget.

One Sunday my mother and I decided to have metro ride. We decided to take a joy ride between Magathane to Aare station. I was excited to have my first metro ride. After buying tickets which was just Rs 20, we proceeded towards optic gate to scan tickets. I was bit scared to go through automatic gate however my mother encouraged me and I finally made it.
The metro platform was spic and span to an extent that I could see my reflection on the floor. There was a digital display on both sides of platforms which shows train’s arrival time. I was impatiently waiting for metro to arrive. I screamed out of excitement, and started jumping but my mother told me to stay behind the yellow line because of safety reasons.

As the metro reached the station, the automated doors opened and we boarded it.

The coach was bright, glossy with modern design and interconnected with each other.

Throughout my ride I was looking out of window. Cars, scooters and other vehicles were looking like small toys that were travelling with us.

It was a smooth ride which has fond memories that are still fresh in my mind. Wish I knew about it earlier, nevertheless I plan to take many more rides in the future.


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