Life’s Seasons

Dhriti Panwar, Class 7, Convent of Jesus and Mary School, Dehradun

We all know of seasons,
Providing diversity to world’s different regions.
But have you ever reflected on life’s seasons?
It’s phases and treasures?
Spring is the childhood,
When all the world seems happy and good.
The phase of charming smiles and innocence,
Of cheerfulness and imagination limitless.
Summer is when the child blooms to adulthood,
Takes responsibilities as he should.
He starts going to work,
Tries to learn from experiences and earn.
Autumn is the old age,
The most dreaded phase.
He starts catching diseases,
Diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, the pain just increases.
Until comes life’s winter,
To put an end to all sufferings hereafter.
He goes to an eternal sleep,
To forever now rest in peace.


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