The Terrifying Mission

Swasti Singh, Class 7, Bombay Scottish School, Powai, Mumbai

‘BOOM!’ went the crack of thunder. The rain banged against the sleek window. The lightning slashed through the coal black sky, as bright as our sun. Sweat trickled down my back. More than fifty bandits were swarming across the haunted ballroom. Anybody who goes in will probably meet their doom. I still do not know how I had the courage to go in without a plan. If you were forced to go in with a disguise, they would sort you out with their incredible detective skills. A shudder ran through me. I swallowed and licked my lips in nervousness. I knew I was not ready for this, but I had to do something to get the precious royal jewels back even though I was abandoned and defenseless. I glanced left and right and screwed my eyes shut. ‘Here goes nothing’ I said and walked off towards my doom I scuttled along the wall in the shadows, trying to stay out of the gang’s sight. I daren’t look behind. I was mute and expressionless. I could not see anything in the dark. To my intense horror, I bumped into some boxes creating a loud crash. Panic clawed my guts.

I dashed into the closest room, slamming the door shut. Tears pricked my eyes, blurring my vision. I was terrified. Sweat trickled down between my shoulder blades. I clenched my teeth. Still, I stood behind the door, ready for any impact. I looked around as my eyes gradually settled to the darkness. I tried to switch on my torch. No result, it’s battery was drained, just like my energy. I locked the door and started to look for a switch, even though I knew the bolt would not hold long as it was rusty. I searched for any clue which would lead me to the location of the jewels but in vain. The bandits started shouting and banging on the door. I had to think fast. In the blink of an eye, the gang crashed through the door.

I really tried to hold it back, but because of the brave and furious look on their faces, I couldn’t. Out came a roar of laughter, followed by many more from the others. I laughed my heart out. ‘I am sorry, I tried my best but I just couldn’t hold it back. You should have seen the look on your faces!’ I exclaimed. ‘Come on! Start with this scene again’, said the director.


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