Love Unexpected

Lulua Rangwala, Class 7, MSB Educational Institute, Kota

She stepped into the class,
Her eyes wandering around.
All searching for him,
But he was nowhere to be found.
A look of confusion,
Plastered on her face.
“Atlas hasn’t come to class today?”
To one of his friend, she says.
“He isn’t well today”,
His friend replied.
“I wish he was here”,
She thought and sighed.
If she said she didn’t miss him,
I would say she lied.
Who was he to her,
She asked herself.
A stranger who made feel,
The way she never felt.
For the first time ever,
She felt love and care.
To support ger in her grief,
He was always there.
Her thoughts were interrupted,
by a knock on the door.
When she saw the person,
Happiness over her poured.
It was him, with hazel eyes,
And the fair, flawless skin.
With a smile he asked,
“May I come in ma’am?”
I replied with sarcasm,
“Well, you’re late young man.


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