Rosalyn Philip, Classs 6, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai

The trees bend down and whisper,
The secrets of the world
But do we hear, do we know
the meaning of their words
The forest faes who need to help
Children who are lost
They lead them to their homes
lest they get bitten by the frost
Witches and wizards who can show you spells
And make your blood run cold
But beware their dark side, don’t anger them!
They’ll turn you into a toad
Dragons the fit in the palm of your hand,
A place where birds find their song
A black cat with green eyes struts on the sand
He works for witches all night long
There’s so much more to this incredible thing
It’s happiness and sadness makes your life tragic
It heals your heart and makes you sing
Could this be, magic?



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