March 24, 2023

My World

Rosalyn Philip, Class 6, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai

Welcome to my world
A world full of fun!
Find treasures untold
under the warm Sun
Lollipop flowers, ice cream trees
Gingerbread stars and cupcake bees
Snakes that sing, frogs that dance
And dolphins who put you in a trance.
Ten friendly giant with toes on their head
Six talking pokers and six talking beds
Flowers that produce bottles of honey
No one becomes greedy for money
You’ll find goodies in my beautiful beaches
With peachy trees and peachy peaches
Guess the treasure underneath the sand
Did you get it? Liquorice strands!
So, come and visit my world some day
Where you can frolic and play
Have fun, be gay
Throughout your wonderful day!



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