March 24, 2023

Media Masquerade

Vedant Kumar, Class 10, St. Columbas School

Look at us,
Weaving through our screens, swimming through our apps;
Beyond the glare of the phones, we’re plain and simple
You and Me,
But the moment we plunge ourselves into the ever-moving flood of social media,
We take out our masks of perfections, our precious disguises;
‘Cause isn’t it so much easier to show and see simply the best of us?
Just the happiest smiles, the prettiest pictures,
Just the rainbow at the end, forgetting the storm we forged through.
Beyond the thin slivers of eyes,
The only real parts of us visible from our masquerade veils,
We always hide the blood, sweat and tears,
The hours of scheming, fatigue and fear,
(What if I’m not perfect?)(What if I’m never loved?)(What if they see right through me?)
What if they see past all the plotting, and snatch away the alluring get-up,
There would be no saving me this time, for all will see the monster instead,
What if they don’t deem me worthy of being among them,
And throw me out of the ball of masks, without a chance to dance?
Though, when rejections’ thought strikes me, the absurdity of not-belonging reels me in,
I feel myself slowly reveling in it, cherishing my peculiarity.
I burn down my mask, I won’t be a pawn marching towards my mental death,
I value my crooked uniqueness above poised perfection.
So, I throw all my disguises into the flames, and once they notice, ready to pounce,
I walk away.
Social media doesn’t scare me once I decide to never change,
Never mold, or mask I shall to fit into the cursed crowds of the media masquerade.


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