Life of a Cricket Bat

Nabhya Dubey, Class 6, Udayachal High School, Mumbai

I am a cricket bat. Cricket players hit the ball with me. Although sometimes they hit too hard and I get hurt, I enjoy hitting the ball. And when I am in the stadium, I hear the cheers of people and I feel very happy.

Once a very important and good player “Virat Kohli” had played with me and had scored a century. I was very excited after the match. But my owner “Virat Kohli” got better cricket bats, so he gave me to poor and needy children.

At first, I felt disappointed, but latter I thought that these children should also get a chance to play cricket. The children cared for me a lot. I was happy to play with them.
Many people played with me. After they took a new bat, I would be given to someone else. I went to many people spreading happiness. Even now I am in a orphanage and am helping children.


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