March 24, 2023


Arjun B. Nair, Class 6, The Kings School, Kollam

It was a lonely Saturday, I went up to my mom and asked her if she can make me some banana fritters, she said no. I walked away frowning. I then went to the living room to watch some tv, just as I was turning it on my father came and asked to put on the news. At first I pretended like I could not hear him, but at the end I gave up and switched it to the news. Here too I walked away frowning. Finally I decided to go out to play. Just a minute later It started to rain I ran in to the house cursing at the rain. When I went in, I realised that my father’s phone was free, so I took it.

Immediately, my mother came and scolded me for using it and told me to go study. I walked away grumbling and studied for an hour. Finally tired, I went up to my mom and asked what was for lunch. It was the food I hated. I just walked away. Finally not being able to handle myself I took one of the glass there and flung it as hard as I can at the wall, it broke into a million pieces. One of the pieces hit my shin. I screamed out loud.

Everybody came to see what happened. I was immediately taken to the hospital. After a week I was allowed to go home. The first thing I did was apologise to my family. I was very ashamed of myself. But my family forgives my day. That was so far the worst day of my life.


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