Mia & Cupey- The Atlantic Adventure!

Myra Mantri, Class 3, Arya Vidya Mandir School, Bandra West, Mumbai

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Mia. She was rarely scared of anything. One night, she woke up suddenly, when she heard a loud noise. A Cupcake Monster appeared! She had heard rumors about Cupcake Monsters devouring little girls! The Cupcake Monster (named Cupey) could shoot arrows from a big cherry on her head & devour people in an enormous mountain of frosting, if someone dared to come too close. She had sprinkles just for cuteness.

Unlike most kids, who would call their parents or hide under their blanket, Mia got up & looked under her bed. To her surprise, Cupey had baked Mia some cupcakes. At first, she was really nervous to try the cupcakes. She thought they might taste awful or might be poisoned. She tried one & to her delight, the cupcakes were scrumptious!

Every evening, Cupey would bake cupcakes for Mia, with different flavors of icing. One fateful evening Cupey didn’t come. Mia was extremely worried. She thought Cupey hurt herself or was lost. What happened was much worse! Mia didn’t know that Cupey was kidnapped by Octokitties (sinister & cunning octopi with cat ears). Suddenly she remembered, Cupey had given her a wristband to contact each other her, if they were in danger. Mia immediately checked her wristband. To Mia’s delight, she saw a message from Cupey; ‘’Dear Mia, please don’t panic. I have been kidnapped by Octokitties. You might wonder how on earth did this happen? Well, long story! I was on a boat to get you exclusive sea weed for icing. Mid journey, a terrible storm struck! Just then, some Octokitties kidnapped me! Huh, I guess that wasn’t such a long story. P.S. I am being held captive in an old sea bunker, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Love, Cupey!

Mia wore her lifejacket and set off on a long journey to save Cupey. She braved tornados, rainstorms, blizzards and even a tsunami. She finally located Cupey & they tightly hugged each other. Mia turned to the Octokitties and asked; ‘’Why did you kidnap Cupey?’’. The Octokitties replied, ‘’we kidnapped the cupcake be…” Mia interrupted ‘’her name is CUPEY! ‘’.The Octokitties continued, ‘’we kidnapped CUPEY because we have no one to bake cupcakes for us’’. ‘’Can’t you learn how to bake cupcakes instead!?’’, asked Mia. ‘’No! We have no one to teach us!’’, said the Octokitties. ‘’Well, I can teach you’’, said Cupey. ‘’That’s a fantastic idea!’’, screamed Mia and the Octokitties in unison. ‘’Can you let me go after that?’’, asked Cupey. ‘’Of course’’, replied the Octokitties.

Cupey taught the Octokitties to bake scrumptious cupcakes. The Octokitties were surprisingly good learners. ‘’One last thing, next time you want something, please ask instead of kidnapping! ’’, said Cupey. ‘’Sure!’’, replied the Octokitties. They gave each other a group hug before parting ways. Mia & Cupey lived happily ever after.. or did they…..?


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