Miss Lucy The New Entrepreneur

Abdullah Kagdi, Class 7, MSB Educational Institute, Kota

Our Miss Mrs. Lucy,
Whose age was 20 plus.
Her tantrums were like a newly married bride,
She was short tempered and always ready to glide.
With an ever lit stove on her skull
Which was so hot and reasonable for our cafeteria stall!
Her eyes was Always on the back benchers Ready to snatch their complete books.
After a long lecture,
Her tantrum vanished and skull was cool.
Something fishy was going in school,
On one fine day whole batch of Miss Lucy,
Which were toppers till date suddenly failed!
The Reason class was noisy,
They just didn’t concentrate.
Cunning Miss Lucy got a chance to blame, Achieved her goal and plotted a carrier change.
Left school,
And opened her restaurant chain.


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