That Same Girl

Akshara Dalan, Class 7, D Y Patil International School, Nerul

The same girl who smiles even through her fright,
Is the same girl who cries herself to sleep every night.
Dwelling in insecurities that she’ll never show,
Her sadness and self-doubt about which you’ll never know.
That same girl goes through a storm every day,
Her emotions dance in a delicate ballet.
That same girl deals with sadness with grief,
When you see her smiling she isn’t one bit relieved.
That same girl who seems to you the most joyful,
Is going through something behind her smile that’s just awful.
That same girl who everyone wonders about,
Walks around with insecurity and self-doubt.
Nobody knows about her hidden pains,
Nobody knows about the smiles she feigns.
Yet she carries all this within her with her head held tall,
And that is the reason that she is the strongest of them all.


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