Monitor Diaries

Vanya Himmatramka

Teachers always say that please maintain discipline. Is this a fish market? But I say…… Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Vanya and I am the monitor of Grade 5. So where was I??? Yes, I was saying that classroom is definitely not a fish market but IT IS A CRAZY CIRCUS!!!! So now, when I am promoted to be a part of my school’s student council THIS CIRCUS IS GOING TO BE CRAZIERRR!!!

Let me share some blood wrenching annoying stories from my monitor diaries.

It’s the monitors responsibility to maintain discipline in class when the teacher is not in class. So, another day during the slit between two classes my class started screaming as though they have just come out in the jungle from a zoo. The loudest of them all was one of my best friends. I repeatedly tried to pacify the class and bring things under my control but the wild became wilder and they left me with no choice. I wrote the names of my best friends in the talkative list and they got a thundering from the maths teacher.

During the recess they did not talk to me and when I apologised (despite being right) and said I had no choice they went bullistic on me. So we made a pact that they would not be so naughty next time and I would not write their names. But my friends are little demons the next day they made the same ruckus but I did not write their names in the talkative list…. And you know WHAT!!!! Now the whole class went bullistic on me. I really hate it when I am stuck like this errrrrrr.

What should I do in these times? Do you have any idea? How do I support my besties?

Everyone calls me a discipline queen, and when I ask them to follow rules they act as if I have made these rules, some think I am trying to belittle them and make me feel bad about my duty, some call me arrogant and some try to pull me down, but I know these are the side effects of being famous.

When I pass through the corridor as a sports captain everyone glides me an envious look. They don’t understand my real struggles. Yes, the badge and the sash surely make me feel proud but it brings so many responsibilities along. So I have a request to all of you that please stop judging your monitors or councils or team leaders who are helping you to improve yourself. They are chosen by teachers who are much more experienced and mature than us.Dont think that it is easy for me to say all this as I am not in your shoes.

By the way let me share a secret, I sometimes think the same about the head girl and discipline prefects but then I calm myself understanding the fact that they are also chosen by teachers.


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