Mother Nature

Udeeta Borpujari, Class 9, Army Public School Jorhat, Assam

O Nature!
Why are you so beautiful?
You hold all our culture,
Still you are always so graceful!
You have different kinds of trees,
How can I forget the cool sea breeze?
You have different types of flower,
You are the one who provides mankind with eternal power.
You blow refreshing wind,
You have a lot of miracles!
Who can think a huge tree can come out of a little seed?
You give us all the fruits and vegetables.
We all are thankful to you.
O Nature!
You tolerate all our torture!
Hope you will forgive all your enemies,
We are dependent on your oxygen release!
You provide us with food, water and shelter,
You give us both summer and winter.
You have given us medicines to many deadly diseases,
For relaxing, you gave us the beaches.
We regard you as our “mother,”
But I think mankind is failing to treat you as a “mother!”


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