Book Review: The Giver by Louis Lowery

Abir Barve, Class 3, Guardian School (ICSE) Dombivli

Imagine a world. A world with no hunger, no pain, no war – A Utopia. Perfect.

But this world is also without animals, birds, no cute roaches to petrify your nasty little sister. Most importantly no love, no fear, no colours at all.

The world you are imagining is the world in ‘The Giver’. Born in such a world, Jonas is used to such dullness. But when the visions come, he starts to see colours. And when he is selected as the receiver of memory, he unearths the darkness of his “perfect, safe” world. On a quest to escape the ‘’sameness’’, it is the dull world, Jonas has a life to live and a life to protect. Will he survive?

This book is perfect for 12+ ages (but age should not be a barrier if you want to read something). Being a prestigious Newberry award winner, which gives you a clue, The Giver is an exquisite book. Not only keeps us hooked by Lowry’s richly narrated story but also it teaches us many lessons, one of which I will end this review with, all negative and positive experiences make us completely human.


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