The Idol Fish

Swena Shreebind, Class 6, Sanjos Metropolitan School, Thalassery

The fresh fish was eaten on a breezy afternoon outside of a lofty building. The wind carried the aroma of the fish to her nose and she could taste the fish’s flavour with each bite. It amazed her at how the chef had managed to bring out the natural flavours of the fish so well. She declared the winner assertively to the audience. The awing aroma of lemon and rosemary filled the crowd. We know that Daanesh is the winner. He became the finest chef in Asia. No one else won that label even after a decade and every upcoming season of “you’re the chef”.

When Daanesh opened a restaurant, he was a young man. The people of his village often came to eat breakfast or lunch. But mostly, they were there for the treat, cooked fish. It became so popular that the entire entrance was closed off with people, causing him to temporarily close. He eventually quit managing and sold the restaurant.

But everyone was eager to figure out his secret recipe for cooked fish. It was like some bank robbers trying to crack a safe. Even with the most advanced tools and planning, the robber might never find the correct code to the safe and will be at risk of being caught. Likewise, no one was able to uncover the secret recipe. His cooked fish gained such popularity that people started calling it “fair fish”.

The term “fair fish” refers to a cooked fish dish that is so popular, people are willing to risk being caught in order to get their hands on the recipe.

Daanesh finally had enough of the media and headed to a cooking show – “You’re the chef.” The show had basically been a failure. The show’s ratings dropped significantly after the third episode, which resulted in it being cancelled, but it was brought back upon the request of some viewers. Daanesh joined the struggling cooking show, With his talent and skill, he attracted more viewers and helped turn the show into a success. Thousands of fans eagerly awaited his appearances and he received a standing ovation during a live cooking show.

The judges had chosen the winner after only one bite of his cooked fish. He told the cheering crowd with a smile.

“It was no special recipe, it was a secret recipe.” The audience fell quiet, as if a spell had been cast on them. It was as if time had stopped, and nobody dared to move or even breathe. Everyone in the room was captivated by the chef’s secrets.

“This cooked fish has a tradition dating back to the 1800s. Using high-quality fish and ingredients from my mother’s special garden which could grow anything! i learned to make ‘fair fish’ with lemon zest. My mother discovered the garden at 20 and was particularly skilled at cooking fish due to the river’s fish. No specific recipe was used.”

The crowd was in disbelief of what Daanesh had just reviled. It sounded odd that there could be any kind of garden like that.

Despite his fame, Daanesh remained humble and was ready to share his knowledge

No one dared to raise their hand, but in the midst of everything, a young boy raised his hand

“I want to learn!” He shouted.

He looked at the young boy and said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the determination that your dreams will succeed.”

You are defining this. Come here and let me show you.

The boy was overjoyed and smiled as bright as the sun.

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