My Childhood Memory

Nabhya Dubey, Class 6, Udayachal High School, Mumbai

Today as I was walking school from home, a spaceship landed right in front of me! An alien with eyes like a cat and long spidery legs came out. “I am hungry. I have come to your planet in search of food.” he said. “Books aren’t food” I said. “This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. I love a good book” replied the alien. He started to walk towards me and tried to eat my homework.

I tried to give him my rough book instead of my homework. Then I gave him the rough book. Then I fed him the rough book I had already completed. After seeing his appetite, I was shocked. He wanted to eat my whole bag. After giving many things to him I refused to give him anything else. He was angry and he called his friends and snatched my maths homework. And he ate it.

After I narrated whole of the story to my maths teacher, she told me. “Don’t make excuses. There are no such book eating aliens. Today when I think about this, I laugh a lot. I was so silly at that time. This was one of my best childhood memories. I will never forget this.


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