My Father

Anvi Sharma, Class 4, Trio World School, Bangalore

Each person in the family has a role – the mother, the father and even the children have a role. Everyone in the family shares and cares. They keep each other happy and strong. My father is one of the special persons in the family. I am going to write about him.

He looks like a tall giraffe with a nice smile. Wait! Did I mention his big tummy? He works so much that he does not get the time to exercise! Sometime I tell him to take some time off and go for a walk and cycle rides. So we go for cycle rides together in the evenings.

He is good at fixing stuff, such as my toys, exhaust fan and clock. He sure has a technical mind!

He is good at playing his guitar and making his compositions and has it on www.! I am so excited about it! He has so many guitars! Sure, it is his passion!

He has a humongous sense of humour, in his company no one can get bored. My grandmother says he is never serious but he can be serious about the important things. He is also very smart because when I ask him any question, he can answer quicker than lightning! That is because he reads a lot of books. He is like an encyclopaedia!

He is loving and caring. Whenever I am sad he plays jokes on me and I don’t know how I get that smile! He also loves baking! One day we baked apple pies together….but it got burnt! Yet we had so much fun! Next, we are going to bake chocolate brownies!

He just loves gardening! My father grows many varieties of flowering plants and vegetables on the terrace that attracts bees, butterflies and birds. It even attracted monkeys! It is because of him, I know the names of some rare flowers and plants. Now I know how to grow plants.

From him I can learn many things. He teaches me to play ukulele, to never give up, to be generous, kind, honest, loyal and to keep laughing! He is the best father in the world! It is good that fathers are created by Gods. I am sure that when I read this essay to him, he is going to laugh and hug me!


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