A Magical Jouney

Samoana Sharma, Class 4, Gyaananda School, Haryana

Once an evil witch named Sispanous Gillan used to live in the galaxy. She was under the spell of a wizard who had kept her and many others as his slaves. The wizard himself lead an introverted simple village life. However, despite her conditions Sispanous Gillan was ambitious, wanted to conquer the Milky Way and to free her from the wizard.

One day she read in a book that there was a very evil wand named ‘The Elder Evil Wand’ in the location ‘Reiencerely Road, 499d5’ that can make any person immensely powerful and unconquerable. She thought the wand can save her from all the troubles. The wand was kept in an old house. The road leading to it was located on a high mountain across a treacherous forest. She thought to herself that she would go out in the night and get the wand.

As nightfall approached, she mounted on her broom and set off to get the wand. She flew for a long time and reached ‘Reiencerely Road, 4995’. In the forest she braved many dangers but finally because of her faith she reached her destination. She tiptoed up the stairs and reached the top to find a rusted old door. She tried to open the door but it was locked. She thought the only way to open it was through a powerful spell ‘Alcarioous Calitcies’ about which she had already read in the book. She said the spell aloud and the door opened. She saw the ‘Elder Evil Wand’ lying in a golden and silver box. She knew the password to open the box.

It was ‘issans12899289’. She got the wand. But suddenly the alarms broke up and red ways appeared engulfing the witch. With great effort she manged to escape and went out.
She mounted on her broom and flew back to her house. Being a slave witch she was bound to go see her master with the new wand. She expected to scare him into relieving her from slavery. So she called up her friends to come to her house to which they readily agreed. Together they flew to the village ‘Bobbies’ in Fiji Islands. She transformed into a poon, begging orphan girl. She knocked on a door. An old dishevelled man in tattered clothes who was the wizard opened the door. He immediately recognized his slave behind the garb. He was jealous of her for having able to get the ‘ Elder Evil Wand’. In a rage he hurled a powerful spell on the witch which burnt her and her friends.


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