The World Under The Preternatural Table

Sameen Sabir, Class 5, Birla High School Mukundapur, Kolkata

This story took place when I was around 7 years old. I was a troublesome girl always crying until I got the thing I desired. So, one day my mother took me to a big market to show the difference between my and other children’s behaviour. And that was her mistake! I saw a beautiful study table that was attractive, especially for its vibrant colours. I began yelling instantly that I wanted that study table no matter what. My poor mother had to buy it. My study table soon came into my possession. I loved it more than anything else.

Because of the study table, studying became more fun for me. It had a little alarm clock and some drawers on it. I also had a place for snacks and from the chair, I could easily access any of the books or my electronic gadgets from the shelf.

But, one day something happened which gave me a shock. I thought “I clearly remember that my parents were here a few minutes ago, where have they gone”? I began to feel quite dizzy. Suddenly my room was filled with smoke! I couldn’t even breathe. Suddenly I heard a sinister murmuring “Come…… Come here……We will kill you……Come” I asked in a frightened voice “W-who a-are you”. Then, a voice laughed so loudly that my body froze.

I could hear my heart beating fast. I don’t know what happened. I was feeling very ill, and I must have been unconscious for a while. When I opened my eyes, everything came back to me. But what is this? Where am I? I was astonished “My study table? Where is it? Mom, Dad? Are you there?”, I got no answer. Instead, my voice echoed and came back to me. Suddenly, I heard carriages. I saw a king and a queen there with a princess sitting. The royal family saw me and the carriage stopped. The king took a look at me and said, “Off with her head!”. I screamed and fainted again. “Jess! Jess!” I heard my mom waking me up. I asked, “Where am I?”. Mom said, “In the hospital dear. You were lying unconscious in your room so we brought you here.” In a weak voice I told her “But mom…My room…It was full of smoke…and…and…a voice was……saying……saying it will kill me.” Mom said, “No one said that my dear. You were just unconscious.” So, was it all a dream? No one knows.


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