My Greatest Fear

Eesha Agarwal, Class 10, Bombay Scottish School Powai, Mumbai

No one understands why I always run when I see goats. Just the mere sight of them makes me shiver. The average person might just think of them as harmless little petite animals, but do not be fooled! They are a real pain and can be extremely sassy when they want to be. It all began when I ventured on a school trip to a local farm.

The owners were very kind and gave us a glass of freshly milked goat milk when we reached. I and my friends, having never drunk goat’s milk before (or have seen it, for that matter) got very curious as to what kind of animal could provide such refreshing and flavourful milk. So we asked our school teacher if we could touch the livestock and play with them. Looking at our pitiful faces, she said, “You can go, but take a few others with you.” We internally screamed in joy and ran to the grass field.

The sun was just about as high in the sky as our happiness when we came across a grey and black speckled goat. Our tiny legs came to an abrupt halt as we stared at the unique creature inquisitively. It seemed to stare back, observing us with its horizontal pupils. As we crept closer, our heartbeats getting more and more irregular, the goat suddenly let out a high-pitched scream.

It was eerily similar to the scream from a character in a typical horror flick. As we were seven at the time, and easily startled as all seven-year-olds should be, we screamed too. My friend suddenly pushed me right in front of the goat and my hands ended up grabbing its beard. All the others looked at me in anticipation. There was a second of silence when the goat used all its might to make a jump. My frail little body flew five feet in the air.

By then, I was just waiting for the entire ordeal to be over. Thankfully, I didn’t get injured but I received quite a shock. I presume the goat did too. During the ride back to school, I made a pact to never, ever let myself close to a goat and I am still scared of them (and rightly so) to this day.


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