My Inspiration

Ananya Bhattacharya, Class 8 , St. Gabriel’s Higher Secondary School, Jabalpur

Joining Army was never my plan.
But you have instilled in me the desire to serve our clan.
Being a Deputy Commandant in West Bengal,
You hunted Naxals and planned their fall.
I remember the operation in Gaya, Bihar;
where you went with the mindset of eliminating the Naxal scar.
Showing exemplary standards of leadership,
you were ready to bare all hardship.
Like a falcon you soared up high
among the rain of bullets
where you might die.
Clang and clatter all around,
Your act of bravery left me astound!
Honours smiled at you in leaps and bound,
And filled me with pride profound.
Hail to thee; Oh! Dilip Malik, Shaurya Chakra Gallantry award winner!
You are surely the Poena of the sinner !


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