Night Mare

Shloka Tanna, Class 5 H, SNK School, Rajkot

The Rain was thundering,
The lighting was scattering,
The Curtains were fluttering,
My Room’s door was trumbling.
I was very scared,
Was feeling as if the furniture
At me glared,
I thought, I nightmared.
Suddenly! There was a knock
At door of my house,
I checked each and every core,
But there was no one
On any of the floor,
Except me with a horror tore.
I covered myself with a cozy blanket,
I heard a little sound like falling
Of pamphlet.
Suddenly windows opened,
And I was very scared,
I hoped it would be a nightmared.
Suddenly the voice of breaking of glass dropped into my ear,
With lots of fear.
I trambled and thought,
I nightmared.
I saw a monster like Man,
Coming near me and I tried
Not to be scared
As much as I Can.
Some droplets of water
On me were splashed,
I was finally awakened,
But still the nightmare hadn’t gone flashed.
The water was splashed by my small brother,
I was so glad, I didn’t saw anything other.


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