Not a Hollow ‘Thank You’

Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

Did you ever look at your shoes that carry you all around?
Do you ever think about who makes the things you daily use?
Does it ever occur to you what the person who collects your garbage goes through?
Didn’t you feel like exploring the shadows that erase your blues?
The teachers who teach you so well despite their problems,
Knowing fully well that you may never turn back to say thank you;
To your parents who strive hard to provide you with all you need,
Most of those things that you take for granted and that’s true.
Yes, we should have respect, love, loyalty and honesty
But gratitude is the most important gift, value and virtue;
If you can’t be grateful to those who help you design your every day,
Your worship of the Almighty can never be true.
Those classmates who shared their notes and tiffins with you;
The watchmen who open the gates to each and every avenue;
That group of labourers who built your house,
Those farmers who let you enjoy the food they grew.
God is reaching out to us through everyone
Who contribute to a life we live without the future clue;
Pray for every soul you meet and mother earth too;
Start showing gratitude through actions and not just by saying a hollow ‘Thank You’…


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