Oh Butterflies!

Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

Oh Butterflies! show me the way,
to the green meadows where I can rest;
Lie down and look the clouds,
And hear the birds chirping from their nest.
Oh Butterflies! take me to the shore,
Where I can leave my footprints in the sand for few seconds;
And play with the water as the waves roar,
Where I can forget what it feels to be tense.
Oh Butterflies!
guide me to a forest
Where I am enveloped in greenery;
Where I can smell the wet soil during the rains,
And the aroma of flowers while I chew a berry.
Oh Butterflies! You are so lucky,
To fly around and do the dance of freedom;
Blessed are the flowers you visit,
While we struggle in this materialistic kingdom.


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