Operation AIR

Abir Barve, Class 3, Guardian School, ICSE, Dombivli

It was a scorching day in the year 3050.
It was about 99-100 Celsius MINIMUM every day. I woke up to see an excruciatingly high number of e-jets swarming around and abruptly felt uneasy because of my asthma. I sniffed my eucalyptus spray and began to feel alright. I quickly had my usual glass of cocoa milk, put my gas mask on, and kept my inhaler and skateboard in my bag as I took off to see Father John.

Upon reaching the outskirts, I saw millions of people screaming and going into elongated cars. “Everyone, get into the cars. The air protection bubble has been sabotaged. Only the city is safe”, announced the mayor. Just then someone shoved me into the car and slammed the door shut. I was whisked into The City.

I took out my skateboard from my bag to get to the monastery faster and in an eco-friendlier way. When I reached the monastery, I explained everything to Father John and asked him about the cure for my asthma.

Father John said, “let me show you something”. He asked me to close my eyes. Then it happened. I was in a different world. It was bleak and hot-no trees, nothing. ….and I snapped out of my vision. Father said, “this is what will happen if we do not act quickly. There is only one place which we need now. The Atom Factory”.
“What is the Atom Factory?”, I questioned.

“In the atom factory, we can use technology to change the molecular arrangement of atoms to make different gases. There is also a machine that pumps it all out”, Father John replied. I understood why we were going there. I thought of using my atomalizer to turn into a mole. We burrowed ourselves into the atom factory. After reaching there, we transposed into human form and got to work immediately.
We started working on the actual process. I programmed the system to FORTRAN84. We experimented with mixed-n-matched the atoms and finally figured out the formula and created 900,000,000,000,000,000 tons of oxygen. Just as I was going to turn on the Gasometer-7, a prodigious earthquake shook the Earth. A stupendous crack separated me from the Gasometer-7.

“Hop on my back!”, Cried Father John,
I climbed and jumped onto the opposite side and fed the formula into the machine. By the time I did it, Father John had already put up a plank so we could get across. We rushed into the open and saw what a change overtook the Earth. It was mesmerizing to watch as lush green fields replaced the barren lands. Mad cattle rampaged out and feasted on the grass that sprouted out. We returned to the city heroes. A UFO swooped down and a HUMAN STEPPED OUT!!!! He was 7 feet tall, blonde and beaming. He said, “The land of Arkus Congratulates you! You have restored peace to the land. The President of Arkus invites you for a 1-month holiday. Climb aboard!”.

I felt like dancing in excitement. Father John said, “we did it, son, we did it. Do you feel alright? Probably because of the fresh air!” I smiled, welcoming a whole new life.


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