Room no.236

Hiteshree Magatapalli, Class 5 A, The Globe Edge School Vasantha Nagar, Hyderabad

Part 1:

Once upon a time there lived a friends group – Sam, Laurg & Kelly. They want to Namra & Kelly. They shift to a rented Apartment. While travelling they saw one Apartment. Name was THE YARD. They 4 went in there through main gate. They saw the Reception counter, but no receptionist , they looked around the ground floor , there was no one so they thought to wait . Suddenly lights were off, on, off,on, it repeated multiple of times, At last it was switched off. Some noice from came the stairs they went their and saw One old lady . They asked “Who are You” ? ,and the Old lady replied I am the receptionist.. You have to be In your counter You are so worse. The lady was so angry and said “sorry” I won’t do this again, They enquired about any room available for rent ? Receptionist mentioned Room no. 236 is available. They got a keys for room, no. 236. Room is so dark and scary, but they agreed to stay in the room. Next day, they thought to go to a restaurant. When they came back they saw Some blood marks, foot & hand prints. Door was also opened they went Inside then their bathtub was filled with blood. Then Sam said “I said you guys that this is not good room for rent but you bought it. Kelly said what do now?? Sam, Laura Three said run, and they ran until the exit but the old lady stopped them. The old lady was so weird and they were scared. The old Lady said stay here until 7 days or else you die. They don’t want to die so they are going to stay there.

Part 2:

They checked in back to Room no.236 again. After they went inside the room, Laura went to check the bathroom, and now bathtub is as clean as new tub, she told her friends tooo….

Next day – 12th March 1st day.
They thought mystery back of to figure this of this. They took their bags and thought to find good place to hide their bags as place is so suspicious. When Laura, Namra & Kelly ready to go to ground floor and investigate, Sam wasn’t willing to go said fine but be careful. So they Sam said (OK). Helly said close the door. Sam took it light. These 3 girls went down & saw black cards lying on ground. It says (BACK YARD). They went to back yard and saw skeleton, Under that they again saw a card in blood red colour, card inside it they Saw 236 room is haunted. Then they ran to their room and saw Sam is dead.

Next day – 13th March.
They saw cab from room window, They ran till there & saw there was no driver , they seated inside and they thought to go out but.. but.. but.. “Car doors were locked automatically , they tried to open but no luck. screams – Aaaaaaaaa

Next day- 14th March.
They want to go out. Now, car doors are opened! Namra was killed by the old lady as she kept some hacker near the yard .
Remaining two friends were scared and did not come out of Room 236 and at 19th March , last day they packed their bags thought to go then they came out of the gate and entrance some people with black dress killed those 2 girls Laura and Kelly.


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