V Naveeta, Class 7, YRTV Mat HR Sec School, Sivakasi

Television brings us the whole world, to our doors. It gives us information faster than the Newspapers. It brings us the reports of events in a live telecast.
Television is also used, as a teaching medium. The educational programmes and the Adult Education Programmes are example. We also see the heath and family welfare programmes and some of the science features on T.V. Television is mainly used for entertainment It entertains people through plays, films I music, dance performance and so on. Cricket matches and other popular sports items are also telecasted.

Demerits and Conclusion:
Some people call T.V. the “idiot box”. Television has its own bad effects. Horror moves corrupt the minds of the viewers It may tend to make children T.V. addicts, at the expense of other activites. Constant viewing affects our eyesight. T.V. is a white elephant for a common man. Inspite of all these disadvantages, T.V. is a very powerful means of communication.


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