March 26, 2023

Our Love

Pari Khanna, Class 9, Vibgyor High School, Mumbai

Our story is endless,
Seeing you every day makes me breathless
No one’s going to love you as I do,
No one going to understand you as I do
Hurting you is a pain,
My soul maims
You were there when the world left me,
And you never allowed the sorrow to affect me
You are the best thing that ever happened to me
Our love is magic
People say it’s tragic
And I don’t know what to say to them
Your laughter is like a blessing from the heaven
I bet even Juliet didn’t have that gift
You’re my comfort zone
Never want to leave you alone
You’re the love of my life
And our love is like pink blush on our cheeks
Your hands in my hands
I feel as if I‘m in a wonderland
Never knew how much you could
Mean to me
You’re the charming prince
Who came and saved me
When I was a Rapunzel
Trapped in a tower made up of trouble
I have kept our love like a secret from the heaven
I walk the down the street wearing it in my locket
You’re my biggest insecurity
And I get jealous whenever a maiden sees you
It makes feel as if she wants you too
But darling our love is like a rising sun
A fairytale of which no one’s heard
Our love is pure and rare
Where no one dares to break this love
And we never let the heartbreak come between us
Our love is royal and brave
You were made for me
And I was made for you
Trust me, we were the soulmates who met out of the blue
And now I don’t want to spend my life
With someone new
Our love is the kind of love that no one’s heard about
This love is just made for us
There will be no full stop in this love story
And you never put anyone above me
And no one will adore you as I do
I promise you our love would be forever


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