Paper Heart Fox

These paper heart foxes make for a super-cute decoration for your room, softboard or a gift.


  • White, orange and black chart paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  • Draw a small heart on the white chart paper and a bigger heart on the orange chart paper. Cut both hearts out with the help of scissors.
  • Cut the white heart into 2 halves vertically as shown. Stick the halves on the orange heart leaving 1 centimetre of space between them. The fox’s face is ready.
  • Cut 2 smaller hearts from the orange chart paper for the fox’s ears.
  • Then from the white chart paper, cut out 2 white hearts that are smaller than the orange hearts.
  • Paste the white hearts on the orange hearts.
  • Paste the 2 hearts behind the face to make the ears as shown.
  • From the black chart paper, cut 3 small circles.
  • Use the circles to make the fox’s eyes and nose. Your paper heart fox is ready!


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