Paws for Thought

Pranay Chakrabarty, Class 7, DAV Public School, Pune

Oh, I love dogs, big and small,
I’ll feed them biscuits, toss them a ball.
But when it comes to getting one at home,
My mom’s all “nope”, she’d rather roam.
I keep pleading my case, I won’t stop,
A Doberman, please, I promise to mop.
But she’s worried about the mess and the fur,
I tell her, “I’ll clean it up, for sure!”
Dad’s a bit iffy, he got bit before,
Anti-rabies injections, he didn’t adore.
But I tell him, “this one’s a gentle breed,
He’ll be a great friend, indeed!”
My brother’s all in, but not for a pet,
His games and screens are all he can get.
I wish he’d help, to persuade mom and dad,
But he’s just not interested, it’s kinda sad.
So, I make my case, with facts and fun,
A dog’s a friend, not just a pun.
He’ll be loyal, and funny, and smart,
And bring so much joy, right to our heart!
I promise to walk him, and feed him too,
Clean up the poop, and groom him through.
And if he sheds, I’ll brush it all away,
We’ll be a great team, every single day!
So, Mom, please say yes to this fiasco,
A dog at home will make us glow.
And I promise, we’ll all take good care,
Of our furry friend, who’ll always be there!


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