Guneev Kaur, Class 8, St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar, Punjab

Pen You Rock

Pen You Rock

Once I pick it, it flows on its own 
Most of the times, it’s when I am alone! 
From the busiest to the loneliest hours 
I call it as the Superpower 
Claim exists with it one can conquer the world
It’s indeed at each and every place, 
even at Parliament yet before the flag is unfurled 
Enables me to jot the best and the worst 
Never lets me feel disturbed 
For others it might just be a normal tool to write 
But for me it’s something damn bright
Its brightness…helps me to grab whatever I want
In any shape and font! 
Believed to be mightier than the sword 
Helps us to explore the unexplored 
Do you refer it as a path of positivity? 
If not…don’t you have instability?? 
Once written with it, I never forget 
If not…I am filled with regret 
The thin tip 
Demands to write on each slip 
No matter the background is white or not 
Yet it never lets the power of the words to lost 
With it I write, For it I write! 
It speaks so politely 
How is it so lively!? For if it would crawl… 
Would it ever get stuck with a ball? 
It has so much of strength
For the other’s verbal revert,
going wrong and wrong…even crosses the twelfth
Question is why it has a cap? 
Maybe because otherwise it would have fought 
hard and so many for good could have taken a nap!
Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!
Nah…beauty lies in the eyes of pen holder
You don’t have any value without it 
For your existence, it permits
Technology has replaced it a lot 
It still claims the immortal best slot. 
How unique is its structure…slim and cylindrical 
How smoothly do the words drizzle!! 
Love it…value it…respect it 
Else for the world, you won’t be a fit…


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