Personified But Still Alive

Ashmita Joseph, Class 8, Laurels School International, Indore

Somewhere around the 18th century a genius named Leeuwenhoek discovered living and non living things. Through a microscope he saw algae and then set out on a journey to investigate living and dead. If you imagine that he must be sitting on a throne while different people approached with an expectant face to know whether this was alive or that dead.

It was not the case. Well personification brings alive the very objects this notorious Leeuwenhoek declared possibly or conventionally DEAD. There are 3 pairs of nonliving objects which detect the blind spots on mankind. These include ink and paper who have the uncanny degree of Double Masters in Patience.

Paper said Anne Frank Paper is patient she’s very particular about it ‘patient ‘. It listens silently, no matter whom you are it listens to you without fail and does not judge you or react. Ink is the very object which has refined the technique of maintaining records, it also waits for others to lead it , it is neither a leader nor a follower but a buddy who walks by the side.

Pencil and Eraser are provided with supernatural abilities as well, they are the Best Examples of Oxymoron. A pencil can write wonders, it can produce beauty but a mere flick of the eraser destroys its majestic show. But if the pencil makes a mistake the eraser can ultimately help the user. So if they work together and bond to coexist they will be of use forever. Another fact is that neither the pencil can exist alone nor the eraser so they have to coexist or cease to exist.

The last pair is of chocolate and caramel both of them are sweet and individually they can achieve a lot but when we combine them they taste even better. A single bean is dead meat but when two are together they can achieve heights. Thought they can exist without each other but if they remain unite despite all circumstances they will reach their destination at the earliest.


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