B. Lasyapriya, Class 10, BGS National Public School, Bengaluru

When life throws at you,
A million dark problems,
A million dark adversities,
Where do you find joy?
Where do you find the joyful light?
In every adversary you solve,
In every obstacle you overcome,
Every morning’s fresh breath of air,
And every night’s sleep,
You find light.
You find hope.
Because in every situation,
Light’s always waiting to spill,
Like the bright light from a closed door,
The morning sunshine behind the curtain folds.
It is waiting.
All you need to do is let it free.
Never in anyone’s life is all dark.
Light can be found everywhere,
It engulfs and creates our very existence,
For even when we close our eyes and weep hard,
Not all is dark.
We can still see the hopeful hue of phosphene.


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