Hita Kalani, Class 8, The Northstar School, Rajkot

The moon shone brightly,
Beneath the bourbon waves tonight,
As it rested calmly on the ocean floor,
And revealed the hidden caves.
The waters speak softly to me,
Beckoning me to the gentle beach,
The water surrounds where I am standing,
And flows over my soles.
The invigorating waves,
Brought the sea froth,
Floating on its back,
Enticing everyone.
The plump penguins dancing on their feet,
With their feathery minds,
Starving for food they twine together,
By making a bond they will find
The wind-driven waves rush to the deepest water,
Crashing everywhere,
Competing in a game of fun,
Splashing and gushing every place.


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