Rainbows Can’t Appear Until It Rains

Anannya Yadav, Class 8, Pacific World School, Noida

A beam of vivid sunshine fell on me one day,
When I was thinking about how life led me astray,
It told many stories, it took away all my complaints,
It said rainbows can’t appear until it rains.
It said life’s a difficult drive,
Only the most veracious survive,
It gives you sad days but the best days await,
Because rainbows can’t appear until it rains.
The waves in the ocean turn into tides,
It is the law of patience that the ocean abides,
Because it has waited for days to see the tides come again,
Rainbows can’t appear until it rains.
The storm and the thunder when it frightens you the most,
It said if you are inviolable you can never go off coast,
Remember the sun will always return to its domain,
Because rainbows don’t appear until it rains.


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