Real or Unreal

Janushi Raichura, Class 9, DAV International School, Ahmedabad


You know, I personally hate it when people criticise fantasy. I am often told to read and write about the real world, the social life. They say I am just too lost in my “nonexistent, imaginary, unreal” world. They say that people like to read about what’s real, about society. And that fantasy doesn’t exist; you have to be real.

It makes me wonder, that a thousand years ago, this world would’ve felt like a fantasy; does that make this world unreal? Philosophy–something which is just as real as it gets–even it says that fantasy can be real. Under metaphysics, subjective possibilities, branch epistemic possibility, it is clearly stated that we do not know whether something is true or not (no one has come up with proof yet); so it is epistemically possible that it is true and it is epistemically possible that it is false. But if it is, in fact, probably true, as it may be for all we know, then it would have to be subjunctively necessarily true; what being provable means is that it would not be logically possible for it to be false.

It means that we might know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not raining outside—but that would hardly mean that it is subjunctively impossible for it to rain. 

So fantasy can be real for all we know.

You see, fantasy is imagination, and so, every fiction book, is, as a matter of fact, fantasy. It is imagination. Fantasy broadens the mind, perspective. If humans didn’t imagine that we could go to space, we could not have gone to space. If everyone just turns their back to fantasy and becomes close-minded, narrow-minded, we humans are getting nowhere.

Fantasy and imagination are what spark curiosity, without which inventions could not have been made. What we dream is what we seek; if we dream, we seek. If we seek, we find.

So, we can just spend our time worrying about tomorrow, or we can literally create our tomorrow. A fantastic tomorrow. Fantasy starts where reality ends, but is itself endless. Nothing beyond fantasy exists; it is infinite. But I can assure you that even, by any chance, fantasy ends, humans will cease to exist.

ACTIVITY: Fantasy Writing

In 100 words, write a short note on what fantasy means to you.


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