Secret Society of Rats

Chayank Kausik, Class 5, Bishop Cotton Boys School, Bengaluru

It all starts with a rat named Emil, who lived in a dumpster, he was lonely. Nobody ever talked to him or greeted him. All he ever heard when he was seen by a human was- “Scram! You filthy brute.” He was a brown rat, not much adored him, (Considering that he is a rat who came out of a dumpster.) His life was the usual- Waking up in the morning, getting greeted by some local black rats who came out of trash or sewers. They may get some ugly compliments from those humans or passers-by.

But what he didn’t know was that there was an adventure waiting for him.

One day, after waking up, he came out of the dumpster and saw that pest control was looking and exterminating rats that they found, Emil got terrified and made a run for it. The thing was, that he wasn’t looking front while running and fell into a pipe that led to the sewer.

A few moments later, Emil gained consciousness, he was in the sewer. Emil noticed a big red fat seal beside him, drawn in the wall of the sewer, when he touched it a giant pipe appeared from the top and sucked Emil in. All he could see were the walls swishing through him at full speed, he closed his eyes and curled into a ball in fear.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was in a metal room, and several rats in suits and briefcases were staring at him. One of them did greet him, but he was speechless. Then, a giant fat rat in a black suit approached him, took a sigh, and said-

“Hello Emil, I am Jeff, the founder of the Secret Society of Rats.”

“But, how do you know my name?” (Asked Emil)

“Let me explain, I have had my eye on you since you turned 9 weeks old, we have some of the best rats for spying and dealing with our enemies.

Now our biggest threat is cats.”

Before Emil could even speak a word, he got dragged into the “Missions” Room. The room was just another metal box with a round table and lots of photos. Jeff entered the room, took a seat, and said-

“Listen, the cats are getting closer to discovering base-3 and we just cannot let that happen. I want Squad Team-6 with Emil, and also give him a handy pack. ( A handy pack, was a white jet pack with all the essential tools to fight cats.)

Emil, along with squad team-6 formed six parallel lines, like the pawns on a chessboard, but 6 different sections.

The gates opened and Emil could see the entire park, he was surprised to see how to base was hidden among so many children.

Squad team-6 with Emil were moving in stealth when he heard-

“ Hello, I’m Charlie, one of the rookies.”

“Hi, I am Emil, so how did you get in?” ( asked Emil)

“Uh, I was kidnapped by their agents.” (Charlie replied)

Charlie and Emil became friends on the way. Suddenly Emil heard purring, not close to the circle.

“Stand Down” (yelled the commander)

Then, a cat pounced on one of the rats, and the rest were flying in the air with the help of their handy packs. Emil, on the other hand, didn’t know how to operate one, so when he clicked one of the buttons, he went flying into the air….

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