Shortage of Oxygen: A Sin for Mankind

Aadyaa Gahalaut, Class 9, Vyas World School, Bareilly

Oxygen, oxygen, it is all around us;
Very essential for all our life and stuff.
It is one of the greatest boons from God,
And we should be like, ”Thank-You very much, My Lord!”
But we kept on destroying the nature along with this, since time immortal;
And now, Nature is taking it’s revenge through a secret portal.
Yes, Novel Coronavirus-19 is it’s name,
And the Covid Pandemic has made people around the world go insane!
We considered ourselves the masters of everything,
But now we are on our knees, begging for our precious lives;
Begging for our unforgettable pleasures, begging for those happy days,
But Mother Earth is very angry and the same she displays.
She took away from us, the most valuable Oxygen, our pillar of life
So now we can understand, that without it, we can not survive!
Take away in the sense that there was a shortage of oxygen used in medicals,
So as to realize the fact that liquid purified O2 is above all other chemicals.
Shortage of O2 masks, shortage of O2 cylinders;
When I read about this, I left all my tasks and began to ponder,
“The people are requesting for O2 cylinders on social media platforms and the real grounds;
What a horrible chaos has been created all around!”
But you may ask, “Isn’t atmospheric oxygen not enough?”
Do some research and you’ll find the reply is,
Now the bitter truth regarding Oxygen has been made to unfold,
Lo and Behold, it is more precious than gold!
When I think about it; a dark, desolate, and destroyed picture comes into my mind;
I wonder, “What will happen to us? what will happen to mankind?”
But after all, it is our sin, the fruit of our very own actions,
As they say; “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”


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