My Silent Friend

Athiya Fathima Tawfiq, Class 7, Mahatma Gandhi International School, Port Blair

I glanced around my room, which had a kind of musty smell which I got used to. A gloomy window knocked on my window politely, but I was not in the mood to open. Everything was dark around me. The toys used to avoid me, now being worse. The ceiling with bad behavior last night, pouring water everywhere in my room, finally learnt to settle down. My clock cackled as I saw my rude calendar.

Great, just 50 more days to go. My room was dark like me, with No softness or warmth. But there was this funny thing, like a mini hut, but I don’t understand why it wanted to spoil my stuff. It was nothing other than fungi. It grew almost everywhere in my room, giving a rude look and spoiling my stuff, But for me, in other words, when the world didn’t care, in an unfamiliar way, it seemed to care. Yes? Maybe it was trying to become a friend of mine?


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