Sow A Witch

Ivanka Sachdev, Class 2, The British School, New Delhi

One day a little boy Puru asked his guru ” What can I give you for Gurudakshina?” His guru replied “There is a book I would like to read, but it is in the hands of a witch! I would like you to get it for me.”

So Puru set off with 3 good luck charms. The witch took the form of an old woman who took Puru in. But Puru knew she was the eitch, so, using the FIRST charm he made the book smaller. He told the witch he wanted to go for a wash but told the SECOND charm to talk like him and asked the THIRD one to make the weather and the animals fight against the witch.

The guru happy with Puru’s clever ideas, took Puru and hid him in a cupboard. He then turned the witch into a seed. The witch became a soya (sow a) bean plant aka sow a witch.


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