Sweet Memories (Autobiography of a Travelling Bag)

Devna Rajesh, Class 6, Capitol Public School, Bengaluru

My name is Wyn, and my owner is a girl named Sunita. I am yellow and black in color, and I am very useful. I have two straps to carry me. Now you might be wondering who I am. I am a travelling bag! But sometimes, I have very exciting adventures and I would like to share one with you. So, one early morning, I was being stuffed up with things in a hurry by Sunitha. I was already bulging when she added her swimming suit. I felt annoyed. This was unfair jamming me up like that! Finally, she stopped. But there was a problem. Some lotion pack underneath all the clothes just blew out! All the lotion came out and I felt disgusted. Yurgh! Oh well, Sunita’s gonna clean me up after she notices it. After that disastrous episode, I was carried down to the car and was shoved into the dickey. It was all cramped up with the other bags, but it was better than me being all alone in the cupboard. I got to meet other bags and made friends with them. None of us had any idea where we were going. But after some time, we were in the front of the airport. So, we were travelling! We were all loaded onto separate trolleys and went down a large conveyor belt. Soon, I was loaded onto the airplane. No, more like thrown into the cabin. I hit myself very badly; I am used to this, but this is the part I hate the most. In the cabin, I met many other bags of other owners. They all were going to different and interesting places. I wonder where we are going. Within two hours, we reached our destination. It was a new place for me and so I was eager to find out where I was. Sunita carried me and we went to a hotel. It wasn’t a very posh hotel, but I still like it. We went to our room and Sunitha opened me and took out some things from my tummy. That’s when she noticed that the lotion was leaking, and I was all wet. So, she removed all the stuff, washed me properly and kept me in the balcony to dry. I looked around and saw a spectacular sight. A sandy beach. I saw a board saying that it was Calangute Beach in Goa. So, we were in Goa! The beach was filled with people. Kids were making sandcastles. Some people were surfing, swimming or just walking along the beach. All were enjoying. In the evening, it was serene. The sun was shining bright orange and was shimmering in the water like glitter. Even though I had to face many hardships while travelling, it was all worthwhile. I got to meet new friends and watch a beautiful sunset. After 2-3 days, we returned home. Like this, I have visited many beautiful places across the world with Sunita. Wherever she goes, she takes me with her. She likes me a lot. Whenever I get any wear and tear, she immediately gets me fixed. I am always happy to be with Sunitha. Thank You!

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