Tale Of Tim’s Lost Tail

Aaranyak Ganguli, Class 4, South Point School, Kolkata

“Hey Tim, where’s your tail?” Tim, the tiny dragon was startled at Puff’s question. He turned his head around. Oh, no, his tail was really missing. How can somebody lose his tail? The little dragons were all busy playing football. Ever since the FIFA World Cup started they had stopped playing any other game. Everyone was so excited that nobody noticed what happened to Tim’s tail.

Soon the news of Tim losing his tail spread everywhere. The cruel ones came and laughed at him. Just as the other reindeers called Rudolph names, the other dragons too called Tim names. Tim cried and complained to his father. Tim was so sad that he stopped going out of his house. Although his parents tried to cheer him up but deep inside they were worried too. Unlike lizards, dragons’ tails do not grow again.

When his parents thought Tim was sleeping they discussed his future. Tim’s mother Dora cried thinking about her beloved son’s future. “What will happen to our baby? What is a dragon without a tail?” But Tim’s father was very positive. He tried to calm his mother. “But Dora, he has wings and he can breathe fire. That is enough.” Tim was not asleep. He heard his parents’ conversation.

Early next morning, when his parents were still asleep he left home. He did not want his parents to be ashamed of him.

For a few days he lived in a forest far away from his home. Then he started wandering. Soon he reached a city. He gazed at the wide roads, cars and big buildings and realised that he was in the land of the humans. Tim remembered his grandfather’s words. His grandfather had said that humans are dangerous. Tim saw a beautiful park across the road and wanted to visit it. But as he tried crossing the road, traffic stopped. People were as much afraid of him, as they were of him. They all ran away seeing him. Tim was a little surprised‚ but he went inside the park .

There too, everybody ran away except for a little girl. She kept looking at him with big round eyes.
Then she asked him “ What‘s your name?” “Tim. What is your name? ” “My name is Kelly”, she replied. “What are you doing here?” “I lost my tail, so everybody makes fun of me. That is why I left home and I came here by chance. Can you help me find my tail?” Kelly said “Of course I will help you but you look good even without a tail. You should not feel sad. You come with me to my house. I am sure my dad will be able to help you.” Tim was a little nervous “Do you think I can enter through your door?” ” You are a baby dragon, I am sure you will fit in.”

Kelly’s parents were very nice. They greeted Tim warmly and offered him food. Tim was very hungry because he had not eaten properly for many days. Seeing him eat so greedily Kelly’s mother served him more food. Kelly told her father about Tim’s problem. “When did you see your tail last?” he asked Tim. “While we were playing in the forest” Tim replied. “Then your tail must be lying somewhere there. It must have been loose. If we can find your tail, I can fix it on your body. I am a surgeon.”

Together with Kelly’s parents Tim went back to the place they were playing. They searched everywhere but they could not find Tim’s tail. Tim lost all hope and started crying. “Now I can never go back home. They all will laugh at me again.” ” No Tim, you must go back. Think of your parents. They must be so worried about you”, Kelly’s mother tried to convince Tim. Suddenly they heard Kelly screaming “Tim come here quickly. Is this your tail?” Kelly had found something behind a bush. Tim started jumping with joy when he saw Kelly holding his tail. Tim went back with Kelly’s parents. Her father operated on Tim and Tim was a dragon once again.

Tim invited Kelly’s parents to his home. Kelly’s parents were nervous. Tim was a baby dragon but they were afraid of facing a family of adult dragons. Tim assured them that nobody would harm them. So one Sunday, after Tim’s bandage was removed, Kelly’s family went to the forest to meet Tim’s family. Before the dragons could do them any harm Tim ran forward and told them everything. Tim’s mother came running and hugged Tim tightly. There were tears in her eyes. The dragons realised that all human beings are not bad. They thanked Kelly and her parents. Since that day Kelly’s family often visited the dragons and Kelly’s father performed surgeries on them whenever they needed. Tim told his grandfather “See all human beings are not dangerous.”


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