Why The Donkey is Dumb

Sanmitra Manna, Class 3, M.P. Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School, Kolkata

Once when donkeys were not dumb there lived a donkey. He was very clever. One day the clever donkey decided to graze on a farmer’s field. Because he was clever the farmer could not catch him. Everyday the donkey went to the farmer’s field to graze on it.

The farmer was fed up of the donkey, so he made a clever plan to catch the donkey. Next dat he went to the edge of the forest where many foxes lived. He carried a few pieces of meat. He made a trail of meat when he left the forest.

A hungry fox found the pieces of meat and followed them to the farmer’s field. There he saw the donkey and pounced on him. The donkey however managed to escape. But when he escaped the fox had already eaten the smart part of the donkey’s brain and the donkey became dumb. Since then every donkey became dumb.

The End.


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